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Watch TV Shows on Your Computer

There are so many commercials on regular television today. Whether you see commercials for cars or for John Hardy Jewelry, you may feel a little inundated by how many ads you are exposed to. There a…

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Blu-ray vs. DVD

Many people are constantly talking about the different between Blu-ray and DVD. Some people can notice the difference between the two, while others are left wondering what the hype is about. If you …

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Digital TV Can Help You Buy Car Insurance

No matter what you're in the market for, you've probably seen a commercial for it on TV recently. If you haven't, just be patient. You'll see one soon. TV is such a large part of peo…

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Networks Are Not Streaming on Google TV

ABC, CBS and NBC began blocking their content from streaming on Google's new Web-TV service, despite reports that Google has been actively negotiating with these networks.

It seems that Google …

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Comparing Printed Flyers for Digitial Satellite and Cable

Go in any electronics store or even the electronics department of most big box chains and you will yourself bombarded by printed flyers advertising digital satellite companies and sometimes even cable…

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Wireless PC to TV Connectivity

In the past, wiring your laptop to your TV screen was the coolest thing ever. However, the previous technologies failed in many ones including delays or basic connection problems.

WHDI, which is in…

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What Google TV Has Not Told You

Before you go out investing your hard earned cash on the new Google TV, there are ten things that need to be explained. These are the ten things that have not been fully explained to consumers which m…

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Freeview Does Digital TV Well

Freeview, which provides digital TV services to UK citizens has nearly reached the 60 million mark. According to Ofcom Digital TV Progress report, Freeview HD is the most popular and affordable digita…

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