Get Ready For Full 3D With Wireless High Definition Digital TV
Filed in archive 3D TV on June 8, 2010
Wireless, that's the seemingly current favorite tech word, wireless, everything must be wireless. There's wireless in cars, has been for quite a while now, and you can download digital pho...
Samsung Introduces Digital 3D LED HDTV
Filed in archive 3D TV on May 9, 2010
High definition TV isn't enough for Samsung Industries; their latest offering is a full blown 46 inch Digital High Definition TV that is also capable of reproducing #D programming as well. ...
3DTV Channel to premier in the UK
Filed in archive 3D TV on July 31, 2009
Er, wow? That's my honest reaction to this. Too many times I've called 3DTV a bit of a pipedream, something that will always be promised but never actually take off....but it seems BSkyB are a...
LG starts the 3D bandwagon
Filed in archive 3D TV on June 18, 2009
3D TV has always been one of those things which has been set to catch on "this year" or "next year", but it seems that LG are really about to start the push toward it becoming ma...
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