A Million Monkeys

Filed in archive Internet TV on November 28, 2006

A Million Monkeys

No one knows when story-telling got its start. My bet is on the guy who invented cave paintings. But over the years, the art of story-telling has progressed, benefiting from each technology advancement.

We have reached (some may say descended) a high point of merging story-telling with dazzling special effects, hi-quality audio and video tricks that can bring any story to life. Knowing human ingenuity, I'm sure that more is yet to come. But one thing we should never forget is that only a handful of people can work in Hollywood and television. In other words, economics limits how many stories can be told to us.

Or at least that used to be true.

Viral video, digital media, low-cost non-linear editing, and other advances now makes it possible to tell more stories. And while we make fun of the trash on Revver, Metacafe, YouTube or any of the other content made by regular people, we should keep in mind is that these stories are coming to you and could never be justified by network television or Hollywood economics.

And some of them are darn good.

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