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Al Jazeera Video Clips

Filed in archive Internet TV by martino on April 17, 2007

No truth to the rumor that the network is expanding its audience with new shows called My Name is Oil and Everybody Hates Rabin

YouTube has made yet another deal with yet another networker: Al Jazeera. Isn't that special. The YouTube area will also include links to the English-languagelinks site.

Al Jazeera's programming includes a show featuring famed interviewer David Frost and the weekly "Inside Iraq," which looks at the conflict there. Separately, Al Jazeera English is planning to bolster programming on its Web site, with some exclusive offerings that could be promoted on the YouTube outlet.

"We believe that YouTube is a perfect platform to reach out to our audience and to give wide and easy access to new viewers around the world," said Nigel Parsons, managing director of the network.

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