Things to Look For When Selecting an LCD TV like the Samsung 32
Filed in archive Announcements , Did you know on December 2, 2010
Your television is an important device to have in the home. The TV is great for spending your leisure time. You can watch your favorite movies. You can laugh at some of the latest sitcom television sh...
AppleTV updated
Filed in archive Announcements on October 30, 2009
AppleTV has always seemed a little... hm, well, forgotton by Apple. It sorta sits there and gets ignored most of the time and it seems the updates are done by a team who only occasionally remember tha...
Internet connected TV; cool or not?
Filed in archive Announcements , Information about on April 30, 2009
TVs featuring ethernet ports are becoming more and more common, allowing viewers to connect to the net and view pieces of information straight onto their screens, but is it really a worthwhile tec...
Mitsubishi defies crunch, releases a monster!
Filed in archive Announcements on April 9, 2009
Mitsubishi obviously don't understand that the world is in a state of economic crisis; as they have just released a rather mad 82" LCD, costing almost $5000. It's not just big, it has s...
LG 15" OLED TV shipping from this summer!
Filed in archive Announcements on February 25, 2009
While Sony sort of have thier tiny oled TV available, LG are the first to come through with real, solid plans about how the future of TV is going to roll. With Pioneer bowing out of the biz, the dea...
Pioneer Bow Out
Filed in archive Announcements on February 15, 2009
This has got to be one of the largest losses to the electronics industry; Pioneer has officially announced that it is bowing out of TV production after March 2010. If you are just a casual reader it m...
Merry Christmas!
Filed in archive Announcements on December 25, 2008
Just wanted a quick post to say happy christmas to you all; I hope you've had a wonderful day spent with your loved ones, and got some great gifts. I know I have! Turkey and Christmas pudding all ...
Industry's Smallest Digital HD MPEG-4 Set-top Player
Filed in archive Announcements on June 17, 2008
Is there a competitive advantage to being the industry's smallest all-digital HD MPEG-4 set-top player? If there is, Amino Communications, a U.K.-based IPTV set-top manufacturer, claims their Am...
Vizio HDTV Manufacturer Sued by Samsung and others
Filed in archive Announcements on June 5, 2008
vizio announced today that they're being sued by consumer-electronics companies; Mitsubishi, Samsung, Victor Co. of Japan, and others. The grounds for the suit are over MPEG 2 video patents. The ...
BestBuy Cleaning-up E-Waste it Helped Create
Filed in archive Announcements on June 4, 2008
Best Buy recently announced their plans to test a program that will allows consumers a convenient and free way to discard of millions of unused and forgotten televisions, computers and dated gadgets...
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