VUDU hits Blu-Ray
Filed in archive Blu-Ray DVD on September 30, 2009
VUDU, a video on demand service, is hardly what you'd originally think to be integrated with a blu ray player, a strictly optical medium, but that's exactly what's been done with the LG ...
China's Blue Ray Alternative comes to light...
Filed in archive Blu-Ray DVD on April 26, 2009
China have decided that they arn't such a fan of Blu ray, like the rest of the world, and have as such developed CBHD. All we know is they once more use the Blue laser in order to read data, and...
Tsutaya: HD Films On Demand; with a bonus!
Filed in archive Blu-Ray DVD on December 11, 2008
Tsutaya, a japanease company has done some pretty amazing negociating with the Film studios; as they have granted them licence to let HD copies of their films be downloaded, and then burnt to Blu Ra...
PlayStation 3 Boosting Blu-Ray Past DVD Player Sales
Filed in archive Blu-Ray DVD on June 17, 2008
A recent Pocket-Link article reports that data from recent studies by research firm, Futuresource, show Blu-Ray Disc hardware is outperforming DVD hardware. Blu-Ray feature advantages such as the S...
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