CSPAN's Viewfinder encourages Viewer Generated Content

Filed in archive Business Trends , Internet TV by martino on December 6, 2006

CSPAN's Viewfinder encourages Viewer Generated Content
C-SPAN is encouraging consumer generated content.

If you go over to C-SPAN's new Viewfinder web site, it says:
"C-SPAN's latest venture supports our commitment to hearing (and now seeing) from our viewers. All you have to do is shoot and record for our requested topic."

Apparently, you can watch the Washington Journal online and submit your video response to the "Question of the Week." Select user-submitted videos are being incorporated into C-SPAN's regular television programming, including the daily viewer call-in program, "Washington Journal."

C-SPAN expects the new service will receive heavy use for the 2008 campaign season. Really? I would have never guessed that.

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