Cities with the best digital TV coverage
Filed in archive DTV Transition Act , Information about on March 1, 2010
Digital television coverage is a serious problem in the US, particularly with the switchover well underway. Remote areas are finding it seriously problematic to aquire a reliable signal. There's c...
Digital TV transition STILL ON for Feb 17th!
Filed in archive DTV Transition Act on January 29, 2009
Amazingly, the US House of Representitives did NOT pass the postponement of the DTV transition; so it is BACK on for Febuary the 17th, despite everyone expecting that it was set to go back 2 months. T...
Obama to postpone Digital Switchover
Filed in archive DTV Transition Act on January 11, 2009
It was widely assumed that on the 17th of Febuary, analogue TV was going to be entirely shutoff in the good ol' US of A, but president elect Barak Obama has requested that Congress delay the switc...
Hawaii's TV shutoff to come sooner than planned...
Filed in archive DTV Transition Act on November 14, 2008
As you all should know, in Febuary next year, the US will be switching off all it's analogue TV broadcasts; well, all of the US save hawaii, who are set to switch off on the 15th of January. W...
Federal Communications Commission (FCC) and the Environment Protection Agency (EPA) Want You to Recyle Your Analog TV
Filed in archive DTV Transition Act on August 7, 2008
The February 2009 digital television transition deadline is getting closer than you may think. Many consumers can't afford, or haven't decided to switch over to HD televisions yet. As a re...
Dish Network Digital-to-Analog Converter Box Online
Filed in archive DTV Transition Act on July 3, 2008
dish network recently announced plans to sell DTV-to-analog box online for just $59.99. The converter box called the DTVPal, allows analog-only TV sets to continue to receive TV signals after the di...
RadioShack will Sell DTV Converter Box with Digital and Analog Capabilities
Filed in archive DTV Transition Act on June 10, 2008
RadioShack's Digital Stream DTX9950, features digital and analog pass-through which will allow consumers to continue to receive analog signals from broadcasters that haven't fully converted ...
Consumers Go Green and Recycle Analog Televisions and Components
Filed in archive DTV Transition Act on May 7, 2008
A large number of consumers are prepared to upgrade their televisions from analog to HDTV in anticipation of the Digital Transaction Act. They're also prepared to upgrade their television compo...
Digital Converter Box? Buy a New HDTV
Filed in archive DTV Transition Act on April 29, 2008
Many Americans are opting to buy a new high definition television (HDTV), instead of use their $40 (Forty-dollar), Analog-to-digital converter box coupon provided by the National Telecommunications...
Sign-up for the Digital TV Converter Box Coupon Program!
Filed in archive DTV Transition Act on April 21, 2008
Message from the National Telecommunications and Information Administration, (U.S. department of Commerce). If you use "rabbit ears" or a rooftop antenna with an analog television, you must ...
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