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Get in touch with your inner-Spielberg

Filed in archive Internet TV by martino on September 27, 2006

Get in touch with your inner-Spielberg
Do you want to try to produce your own little video? Want some tools to help make it slick? And maybe a chance to win $1000? Then NBC's new user- generated content project, entitled "It's Your Show" might be just your ticket.

Each week, a panel of producers screens the user-submitted videos for the challenge that expires that week and chooses 20 finalists. The finalists are then posted on the Web site so that viewers can vote on them: the video that garners the most votes nets its creator a $1,000 cash prize. The winning video is then posted as the main icon on the site's archived contest page, and will eventually be entered into a contest for a $100,000 grand prize. The video that wins the grand prize may eventually be aired on television (you remember that old thing, right?).

NBC is partnering with a company called Super Delicious and with Carson Daly to do this. They also will provide you with a selection of resources which you can use to enhance those videos. This includes footage from classic movies, scenes from current television series, news footage from historical and current events, music and audio tracks, and graphical elements. To this humble reporter, it sounds like a good way to make spoofs of your favorite shows and boost NBC at the same time.

(Note to self: investigate which would be better, a "My Name is Earllinks" spoof, or a story about the "Office" meets Bin Laden.)

As NBC's Web site says "We're here to help push the viral video world to the next level. You guys are great at creating and have inspired us to step up our game... What if we give you guys music, video clips, sound effects and theme songs? Well we're doing it! We know you like to mix it up so we're giving out some ingredients. Now we're gonna sit back and watch the madness."

The only real rules appear to be that your video must be original and anyone appearing in it must give their permission.


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