Gieco cavemen to star in their own show!?!

Filed in archive Internet TV on March 5, 2007

They were mildly amusing for 30-seconds, but a whole show?

ABC is desperate. And I don't mean Desperate Housewives - although that is contributing to the problem. Their ratings are way down on that show and Lost - their two heavyweight properties.

So, what do they do? They are calling up a pilot for a series featuring the Geico cavemen. The copywriter who created the ads is writing the pilot.

The potential series, one of 14 pilots that will be produced by Touchstone Television this spring, features the cavemen as they "struggle with prejudice on a daily basis as they strive to live the lives of normal thirty-somethings in 2007 Atlanta."

And some people wonder why user generated content is starting to look pretty good right about now.

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