Verizon Tries To Overtake Cable High Definition TV Service With “FIOS”
Filed in archive HDTV on June 22, 2010
Having a high definition digital widescreen television on which to view one's programming choices is one of life's nicer things. But these bad boys come with baggage; they need to be fed a ...
Nuvision Announces Digital Mirror High Definition TVs
Filed in archive HDTV on April 27, 2010
High end digital high definition TVs are being released at a furious rate as electronics manufacturers scamper to get to the head of the pack. Fans of widescreen, high definition digital TVs, who ...
Watching TV in your above ground pool - incompatible? We think not
Filed in archive HDTV , Information about on April 2, 2010
Television is always thought of as one of those things you can only enjoy indoors, away from the sun and other lovelyness outside... some call it sad when people stay in to catch their latest episo...
Saving money when buying your new TV with Kmart coupon codes
Filed in archive Did you know , HDTV on February 24, 2010
I think that "saving money" is one of the most important things these days. And whenever I see a chance to save money, I will. At this time I am looking for a new TV. While I was brows...
Philips LED sets go all brushed metal cool
Filed in archive HDTV on November 30, 2009
LED lit TVs are set to be the sorta affordable future of HDTVs before the proper OLED sets are actually made in decent sizes and for not hilarious prices. As such, we are rather interested in the ...
HDMI without wires - sorta...
Filed in archive HDTV on November 30, 2009
One of the things that has always bugged me about all the flash HDTVs we've got these days is that, although it is reletively easy to mount them attractively on walls, it is actually very difficult to...
Sharp continues it's HDTV march
Filed in archive HDTV on September 30, 2009
All the TV manufacutres are slowly transfering themselves to LED backlighting; the expensive ones posh arrays of of RGB lights, and the less posh ones using standard variable brightness white diodes...
LG release a 15" OLED screen
Filed in archive HDTV on August 31, 2009
Despite OLED being the be-all and end all of future TV technology, apparently, there has only been one model available up until now; a Sony measuring just 11" and weighing in at a massive 2500$...
HDMI hits spec 4. New features abound
Filed in archive HDTV on May 15, 2009
As we have moved through the years of HDTVs, the main cable spec, HDMI, has slowly been improved, adding different features, such as an extended colourset. Now we've reached spec4 and we've go...
Ultra widescreen? It's coming!
Filed in archive HDTV on January 31, 2009
It's always been a gap in the market for those ultra movie buffs out there; a TV that shows them in their true format, without black borders. You see, films don't tend to be shot at 16:9, b...
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