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Kreatel's Home Networking Software for its IP Set-Top Boxes

Filed in archive IPTV by martino on April 10, 2005


Kreatel Communications (a Swedish company) has unveiled home networking software for its IP set-top boxes. It is called Kreatel Home Media Access. The new software is designed to allow viewers to access digital medialinks files (video, pictures and music) stored on PC's and see them on the TV. Files that the viewer selects are streamed directly to the set-top without intermediate storage.

According to Kreatel, stored digital files can be accessed by pressing a button on the remote, and the interface through which they are displayed and played back can reflect the look-and-feel of an operator's television or VOD service.
"There is a growing consumer interest in watching stored videos or digital photos on the TV screen instead of on the computer screen," Kreatel CEO, Lars Bengtsson, said in a prepared statement. "Many even invest in a dedicated box just to be able to do this. As operators now can provide home networking functionality on the same set-top box that is used for their broadband TV offering, they will really bring consumers extra value."

This is one more example of how people can use legal and illegal video download services to replace traditional viewing habits.

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