Wireless PC to TV Connectivity
Filed in archive Life Digitized on October 10, 2010
In the past, wiring your laptop to your TV screen was the coolest thing ever. However, the previous technologies failed in many ones including delays or basic connection problems. WHDI, which is in...
Use Professional Electricians to Repair Your Digital TV
Filed in archive Did you know , Life Digitized on September 22, 2010
Digital TVs are great for your home to help you relax and catch up on your favorite television show. There may be instances, however, there are unforeseen problems with your television or the electric...
Samsung goes all telescopic
Filed in archive Life Digitized on July 14, 2009
Samsung have done something novel with the new SyncMaster 80 series; stuck them on telescopic stands! This enables them to go sit somewhere low and be viewed somewhere high; often negating the need ...
Digital TVs will use Wi-Fi in the Future
Filed in archive Information about , Life Digitized , Wi-fi on October 8, 2008
According to a recent study by In-Stat, embedded Wi-Fi chips could end up in about a billion consumer electronics devices by 2012. There are a few select television brands that are capable of conn...
New Slingbox PRO HD Makes Cable Available Online
Filed in archive Life Digitized on September 26, 2008
Sling Media recently announced that it will start selling the Slingbox PRO-HD. The new high-definition version will allow users to watch HD cable or satellite programs on their PCs via their interne...
TiVo and Amazon will Deliver Digital TV Shopping
Filed in archive Life Digitized on July 24, 2008
I guess since TiVo has had such a challenge with "Ad skipping," they developed a partnership with Amazon online store to monetize their services. Next time you turn on your TiVo get ready...
Sony Makes Deal with Cable Companies to Banish Set-Top Boxes
Filed in archive Life Digitized on May 29, 2008
The Sony Corporation has just moved one step closer to ensuring that consumers live a digitized life. Sony recently announced a partnership with the leading cable television providers in the United...
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