Microsoft IPTV and Fast Channel Changes

Filed in archive IPTV on October 30, 2006

rumor has it that the AMA will ask that channel surfing syndrome be classified as a mental illness, coverable by health insurance

Microsoft IPTV and Fast Channel Changes

A month and a half ago I wrote about a post called Channel Surfs Up, Dude! asking how important is channel surfing to you?

It turns out that there is an industry group called the Internet Streaming Media Alliance, which has identified fast channel change as "a vital quality of experience issue potentially affecting consumer adoption of IPTV".

I wonder if I can contact them about paying for a legal challenge to my recent lagging response time of my Comcast DVR, too.

Whether or not this is a real issue, there is no doubt that Microsoft has identified fast channel changing as a key feature of its platform. In usability testing, (this is no joke, so stop snickering) Microsoft has found that their 'instantaneous channel change' can improve user perception of other aspects of application performance. wrote that the "ISMA has begun work on a new specification addressing instantaneous and reliable channel acquisition and continues to solicit industry input on the topic. They have produced a paper on 'Fast Channel Changing in RTP' which is available from their web site and provides an excellent introduction to the technical issues involved and ways in which latencies may be reduced." (I told you to stop snickering!)

Is your head spinning yet?

OK, inquiring minds want to know. Will my channels change fast if I order IPTV? Stay tuned (no pun intended) because I will order AT&T's service when they roll it out in the San Francisco Bay Area soon and simply tell you the answer.

Your only other option is to make a motion to form a committee that will study the dynamic synergies of end-to-end video platforms and issue a missive detailing the consensus.

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