Networks Are Not Streaming on Google TV
Filed in archive Channels , Mobile Video on October 22, 2010
ABC, CBS and NBC began blocking their content from streaming on Google's new Web-TV service, despite reports that Google has been actively negotiating with these networks. It seems that Google ...
TV Ads Find Spot on Tiny Screens
Filed in archive Information about , Mobile Video on July 7, 2007
From a WSJ article letting us know how commercials are starting to pop up on cell phones.
MediaFLO Adds Sports Offerings
Filed in archive Mobile Video on July 4, 2007
MediaFLO is the Qualcomm subsidiary that provides Verizon's V Cast with its mobile TV capability. By the looks of things, the two companies must think that live sports coverage is the way into our...
Yes, the Screen Is Tiny, but the Plans Are Big
Filed in archive Business Trends , Internet TV , Mobile Video on June 19, 2007
The NYT writes: After some hits and misses in creating content for cellphones, ESPN thinks it knows how to keep up with its fans as they go about their days. Cellphones and other mobile devices, say...
NBC Shows on your cell phone
Filed in archive Mobile Video on March 14, 2007
I might also have a bridge to sell you We have news that NBC Universal will start selling episodes of "Heroes," "The Office," "monk," "Battlestar Galactica" an...
Verizon Flicks Mobile TV Switch
Filed in archive Mobile Video on March 7, 2007
Verizon Wireless yesterday became the first cellular carrier to offer mobile TV service outside the cellular spectrum when it quietly flicked the switch on its MediaFLO-based V Cast Mobile TV service ...
Study: Europeans Abandoning Mobile TV
Filed in archive Mobile Video on February 15, 2007
via Online Media Daily A NEW STUDY ON MOBILE TV in Europe offers a reality check for anyone getting giddy about the emerging medium in the United States. A survey conducted by M:Metrics and commissio...
Breaking News: ESPN and Verizon in multi-year contract
Filed in archive Mobile Video on February 8, 2007
I am sure that I'll have more to comment on later, but this news bit just flashed onto the Down Jones newswires. ESPN apparently received a multi-year contract to provide its Mobile ESPN to veriz...
Disney Movies and Apple iTunes
Filed in archive Mobile Video on February 2, 2007
Walt disney pictures is the only major film studio to partner with Apple so far and they have been selling movies through iTunes downloading service for just three months. So how popular is that mobi...
What's holding back mobile TV?
Filed in archive Mobile Video on January 18, 2007
Electronic News sat down to discuss the long-overdue future of mobile TV with Ed Sawma, senior director of applications marketing at Motorola; Penny Cornali, technical marketing director at PacketVide...
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