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IPTV Advertising The Digital TV Weblog

Seen that? - IPTV Advertising
Presently there is not all that much quality television content available to us from either cable video on demand (VOD) or internet protocol television (IPTV). It seems logical that over the next five years that this should change and we will have access to much more video content and be consuming our television differently. Here is a question that I would really like to hear everyone opinion: how will we pay [...] Read More

IPTV and Advertising The Digital TV Weblog

Yesterday, I drove up to the NCTA in San Francisco to see how vendors are positioning themselves in television this year. As you might expect, IPTV-oriented companies are better represented. I also noted that the larger VOD systems providers are articulating their products better. What particularly struck me was the lack of understanding of how advertising was going to play into the mix. I honestly don't think the telecoms have even [...] Read More

IPTV Advertising The Digital TV Weblog

Earlier this week, an article entitled "Internet Ad Spend Creeping up on TV" appeared on ClickZ. "internet advertising revenue is growing at a faster clip than television advertising, which could slowly begin losing its global share of revenue in 2007, according to the latest ad spend predictions from ZenithOptimedia." It also went on to say: "TV is expected to gain 0.2 percent of share in 2006, while Internet will add 0.3 percent. The [...] Read More

VOD Advertising overtaking broadcast advertising TJ's Weblog

Good analysis from Martino - seems that he has a point VoD (most likely to be delivered via IP) might be a bigger and much better targeted advertising market: "In the other camp, new non-linear inventories will be created by video on demand (VOD) and internet protocol television (IPTV). What is interesting is that, instead of being a mass medium like traditional television, it will have more of the characteristics of [...] Read More

Getting Cheap Advertising for your Business Home Based Business

While small home business owners know the importance of advertising, many are unable to advertise their products and services because of a limited budget. If you are facing the same dilemma, here are some tips for you: ¢ Invest on the right advertising medium - not all forms of advertising may work for your business so make sure you invest on the right one. Ask yourself these questions: Would it let me [...] Read More

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