Seen that? - Nickelodeon Cartoons on Demand (NOD)

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Nickelodeon Cartoons on Demand (NOD) The Digital TV Weblog

Seen that? - Nickelodeon Cartoons on Demand (NOD)
Here is another example of a cable network experimenting with Internet Television. Nickelodeon has launched a new broadband internet channel called TurboNick. The "channel" will contain 20 hours of original programming including SpongeBob SquarePants. Unlike NICK the cable network, viewers can watch TurboNick on their own time schedule. The only bad thing I saw was that I had to fire up Internet Explorer because Nickelodeon is oblivious to the fact all [...] Read More

Fox On Demand streams video on The Digital TV Weblog

aka, Fox admires AOL so much; it tries its own 'Walled Garden' idea What to do, what to do.? Fox is a big name in sports programming and has a big line up for the upcoming October major league baseball playoffs. BUT it also has some new shows that recently debuted in September and it is difficult to sustain interest when the show goes off air. What to do, what to do? [...] Read More

Disney nears VOD deal with Comcast The Digital TV Weblog

Comcast has wanted prime-time television programs for more than two years for its video-on-demand service. It even tried once to acquire Disney in 2004, in large part, to gain access to its content. Today, it is about to land a deal with Walt Disney Co. for such shows as "Desperate Housewives" and "Lost," people familiar with the matter say. It also gives Comcast rights to use Disney promotional content on [...] Read More

Nickelodeon to enter gaming market Tech Intelligence

Nickelodeon is one of the bestknown producers of programs and shows for children - my little girl (3) loves the nickelodeon junior channel here in the Netherlands, and she's right. Some of the shows are pretty funny, and educational, as opposed to Disney's productions, which are made for laughs only. Nickelodeon has just announced that they will invest US$100 million into the casual gaming market."Particularly in the kids' space, with more [...] Read More

10% Advance Purchase Special Rate for Nickelodeon Family Suites The Flyaway Weblog

Are you looking for a holiday destination where your kids will surely enjoy? Then the Nickelodeon Family Suites by Holiday Inn might just be the answer for you. Amenities include two massive pool complexes with slides, climbing Nets and water jets, 777 Nickelodeon themed rooms, netted basketball courts, 3,000 square-foot arcade, live shows, mini-golf course and a shaded play area where wet and dry attractions are found. Other amenities found in [...] Read More

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