Seen that? - SeaChange launches Multiverse

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SeaChange launches Multiverse The Digital TV Weblog

Seen that? - SeaChange launches Multiverse
SeaChange International has been going gangbusters recently with the number of its press releases and announced partnerships. InformITV points out that at the Supercomm show in Chicago, SeaChange launched its Multiverse software platform. It is designed to enable broadband network operators to create video services across TVs, PCs and mobile devices. For those of you who don't already know, SeaChange has almost 80% of the digital ad inserter market in the [...] Read More

SeaChange financials worsen; blames VOD The Digital TV Weblog

ITVT reports that VOD equipment provider, SeaChange International, has released preliminary financial results for its fiscal second quarter (2006), ended July 31st. SeaChange says that the results are preliminary, because it is currently completing an analysis of how to properly account for an $8.3 million investment in cable edge device manufacturer, Casa Systems. Revenues totaled $26.2 million, compared to $43 million for the year- ago quarter, a 39% decrease. Net losses totaled [...] Read More

C-COR Handed a Victory in Patent Fight with SeaChange The Digital TV Weblog

Seachange may be beating C-COR in VOD server market share but C-COR has the courts going for them. C-COR, the company which acquired nCUBE last December, has been handed a victory in a patent-infringement case that was brought by SeaChange in June, 2000. The US Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit has overturned a decision by the US District Court. Seachange contended that the C-COR/nCUBE MediaCube-4 product infringed upon [...] Read More

SeaLife launches world's first true waterproof, shockproof digital camera Digital Shot

SeaLife's new ECOshot is designed tough to capture outdoor adventures. This 6-megapixel camera is the ideal companion to take on all your adventures outside. The ECOshot is specifically designed for those who love any type of outdoor diversions from the serene to the extreme. Its durable fully rubberized exterior allows users to take impressive photographs under tough outdoor conditions. Large accessible shutter and menu buttons make using this camera a breeze, [...] Read More

Weekly Internet Show About Nikon DSLRs Launches Digital Shot

I've suggested in the past that an occasional visit to the major digital camera manufacturer's websites was well worth the time. Besides the information about the company's products there's usually a wealth of tips and useful links available. Sometimes the site features tutorials about their own products and I found an interesting new feature on the Nikon website, in their "DTown" section. A new series has just started on Nikon's "DTownTV" about using [...] Read More

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