Seen that? - Serving 500,000 VOD subscribers using 'off-the-shelf' hardware

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Serving 500,000 VOD subscribers using 'off-the-shelf' hardware The Digital TV Weblog

Seen that? - Serving 500,000 VOD subscribers using 'off-the-shelf' hardware
VOD and IPTV technology provider, Kasenna, is trumpeting the results of a new benchmark test of its server technology. The company says its software can deliver VOD to 500,000 Subs from a single video head office. The test involved a cluster of 12 dual-processor servers based on the 64-bit Intel Xeon processor (3.4 GHz), which were powered by Kasenna's MediaBase software, version 8.1. According to the company, the cluster achieved 135Gbps [...] Read More

The Sporting News is given away free to Echostar subscribers The Digital TV Weblog

OpenTV is an Interactive TV middleware company owned by Liberty Media. I keep an eye on them because they are putting together the relationships and ITV technology that might make them a significant player in the future of television. (More on this in another post). The Sporting News is a channel developed by OpenTV and is available free of charge to subscribers of the Dish Network with compatible receivers. EchoStar Communications [...] Read More

TiVo will Provide Critic Picks to Chicago Subscribers The Digital TV Weblog

TiVo viewers in the Chicago area will soon have the ability to get picks of Chicago Tribune critic Maureen Ryan, uploaded automatically to their TiVo boxes. TiVo, proclaimed holder of the DVR patent and a leading maker of digital video recorders, is expected to announce their partnership with The Tribune today. TiVo recently introduced other unique digital television services such as downloads from YouTube video service, in order to keep them [...] Read More

Exotic Animals Found In Antarctic Ice Shelf IfEnergy

The good that has come out of the bad. New species have been discovered in the Antarctic Ice Shelf that had collapsed over the last 12 years. There are so many discoveries where scientists once could not uncover. For example, there were blue ice fish that lacked red blood cells. This makes the blood more fluid and easier to pump through the fish's body at low temperatures. There is a [...] Read More

RFID based Electronic Shelf Labels expected to replace paper The RFID Weblog

The recession has taught us a lesson - adopt cost saving approach from day 1 or perish. Many have already hit the dust and the ones which survived are looking at putting all the pieces together and start afresh. Retail sector has been one of the hardest hit in the process and it has been trying to get back into shape once again and for this purpose they have sought the [...] Read More

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