Switch on your computer and watch the TV

Filed in archive Internet TV by Ruth Harding on July 25, 2010

Switch on your computer and watch the TV
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Internet TV on demand is becoming increasingly popular. Internet TV is delivered by streaming, or, by direct download to your viewing device.

Streamed TV can be captured on YouTube, iPods and iPads, iTunes, all of which makes it a very convenient viewing form. You can even get HD services for exceptional quality if our medium allows it.

Streaming ….
usually applied to media that are distributed over telecommunications networks, as most other delivery systems are either inherently streaming (e.g., radio, television) or inherently non-streaming (e.g., books, video cassettes, audio CDs).

The highest demand time for Internet TV is from 10:00pm onwards. Many of the giant media houses use streaming TV, but it is also becoming popular with entrepreneurs as a way to deliver their message online.

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