The Best Videos, Delivered Daily to Your Inbox
Filed in archive Internet TV by martino on June 14, 2007

Are you tired of the glut of bad online video out there? Michael Caruso, the former editor of Men's Journal, believes he has the answer: He'll find the good stuff for you.

His new project, called The Daily tube, plans to send its editorial staff out to online video sites across the Web to bring back a list of the day's best videos for its users, organized by category. The categories include humor, celebrity, music, political, sports and Web-based celebrities. Users sign up for a free, daily email containing the videos.

Who, exactly, is the audience for a newsletter like this? Is this a Web video trade publication for advertisers or a content service for consumers? Sounds like it could be both, but with email, the only problem is the limited number of subscribers -- many consumers are turned off by email newsletters; business news tends to be received more favorably. Then there's the subjective nature of the thing. Everyone's got their own ideas of quality.

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