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Turner Broadcasting to make comedy social networking web site

Filed in archive Internet TV by martino on October 31, 2006

didn't I already hear the punchline on this one?

Turner Broadcasting to make comedy social networking web site
OK, OK, I have an idea. Let's build an online social networklinks. Let users participate by sharing videos and creating profile pages. Has that been done before? Oh yeah. OK, what if we make it so the featured video is from new and established comedians.

We can call it MyJoke!!! No ... wait, Rupert Murdock already owns every My- prefix on the planet. That settles it; let's just call it 'Super Deluxe."

That is exactly what Turner Broadcasting will do in January when it debuts a broadband comedy network. Turner says that it represents a significant investment and that it will meld features of TV networks like Comedy Central with social networking sites like MySpace.

Additionally, Turner plans to make Super Deluxe content available through a cable video-on-demand channel, mobile devices and other technology platforms.


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