Will internet television ever become truly popular?

Filed in archive Business Trends on November 7, 2008

Internet television, IPTV, the like, has been a buzzword for the past few years, with different companies claiming they will break the tradition and get people really watching both standard, and internet only channels on via their computers.

However, none of them have really took off...sure; we have companies like Zattoo who are streaming lots of channels normally available on TV for free, and it gets a fair number of users, but it's hardly the massive hit it wanted to be...more a casual thing used at times when a real TV is not around.

And that's just the thing; the only time people will use internet TV is when a real TV is not around. There is no draw of must see exclusive programming, no real advertizing of the service, nothing. Until this is sorted I fear that Internet Television will stay as something used only for convienience; when a television is not around, or to catch up on missed programs, and the spreading of DVRs is slowly erasing that last one.

It's a shame, really... there's so much potetential, if only one company could be daring, say, place a big show on an internet channel prior to it's TV airdate, perhaps others would follow...

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